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Jesus Now and Then
Richard A. Burridge and Graham Gould

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Format: Paperback, 192pp.
ISBN: 0802809774
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Pub. Date: April 2004

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From The Publisher:

Jesus Now and Then engagingly traces the changing images of Jesus in scholarship and popular culture from the time of the early church to the present day. Who did Jesus think he was? Did the early church take a man and make him into God? Was Christianity actually invented by Paul? How has Jesus been treated in the centuries since? What contemporary views are compatible with a traditional understanding of Scripture?

Richard Burridge and Graham Gould leave no stone unturned in detailing Jesus’ life and legacy. They start with the evidence about Jesus found in the New Testament and then go on to explore the early-church debates as a way of tackling contemporary issues. They also discuss how the figure of Jesus has been portrayed through history, how his teachings have been understood, and how he has come to be worshiped by Christians around the world. This essential historical information sets current questions and controversies about Jesus into context and helps to explain the many different views and interpretations of him now on offer.


Today’s writers on Jesus remind one of office workers who toil away in their respective cubicles without noticing what the others are doing. By contrast, Richard Burridge and Graham Gould bring together insights from many separate disciplines — historical Jesus studies, biblical scholarship, theology, church history, liturgics, contemporary culture — and make them comprehensible to lay readers. This is an excellent text for those who want the “big picture” on Jesus without reading half a dozen books.
—Michael J. McClymond

A concise, lively, and thought-provoking study of Christology at the beginnings of Christianity and today. This well-written book is an excellent resource for college students and church study groups.
—Robert E. Van Voorst

“Now and then” may suggest the Jesus that many contemporary readers would prefer — one who shows up occasionally in provocative news stories but challenges nothing and claims no one. That is precisely not the Jesus represented in this fine book by Richard Burridge and Graham Gould. They introduce readers to the rich array of portraits of Jesus ranging from the New Testament to the present, ably navigating historical and theological questions in a way that is both lucid and engaging. A most welcome contribution!
—Beverly Roberts Gaventa


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About the Author

Table of Contents

1Jesus Now and Then

Jesus Now: The Start of the Third Millennium
Jesus Then: The Traditional Christian View
Reinterpreting Jesus
Reinterpreting the Tradition

Part I: The New Testament
2The Historical Jesus

Digging Down: Quests for the Historical Jesus
Building Up: Who Was Jesus?

3Jesus in the Gospels

What Are the Gospels?
Four Portraits of Jesus
Mark: The Roar of the Lion
Matthew's Human Face: The Teacher of Israel
Luke's Burden-Bearing Ox
John's High-Flying Eagle
From Four Gospels Back to One Jesus

4Jesus and Paul

From Jesus to Paul: Early Christian and Pre-Pauline Christology
Paul's Christology
Key Structures of Paul's Theology

5New Testament Views of Jesus

Does Paul Think of Jesus as God?
The Later Pauline Letters: The Pastoral Letters
The Rest of the New Testament
Jesus' Own Self-Understanding
The Development of Different Views

Part II: The Early Church
6The Early Church and the Teaching of Jesus

The Importance of the Early Church
Jesus' Teaching in Early Christian Thought
The Use of Jesus' Teaching in Apologetic and Preaching: Justin, Origen and 2 Clement

7Jesus in Early Christian Worship

Introduction to Early Christian Worship
Jesus in Early Christian Worship

8Jesus — Divine and Human

The Beginnings of Debate
Origen and His Successors
The Council of Nicaea and the Fourth Century
The Doctrine of the Person of Christ

9Modern Understandings of Jesus

Liberal Views since the Enlightenment
Conservative Reactions
Where Is Jesus in It All Today?

References and Further Reading

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