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Ecclesiastes : Ancient Wisdom When All Else Fails
(A New Translation & Interpretive Paraphrase)

T. M. Moore

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Format: Hardcover, 139pp.
ISBN: 0830821112
Publisher: Intervarsity Press
Pub. Date: May 2001

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From The Publisher: 
"Meaningless!" says Ecclesiastes. "All is meaningless!"

We live. We work. We die. Even with our best efforts to find lasting enjoyment and significance, we are faced with the conclusion that there is nothing new under the sun.

Despite this gloomy assessment (or perhaps because of it), people have been drawn to the Middle Eastern wisdom of this enigmatic book for thousands of years. Its brutal honesty doesn't flinch from life's difficulties or its thorniest problems.

The new translation and interpretive paraphrase provided here by T. M. Moore artfully unveils the ancient mysteries of this often puzzling book. By its very cynicism, Ecclesiastes seems to suggest that to find what is of enduring value we must embrace the hard things, not avoid them. With notes and a useful study guide, Moore skillfully shows us that the dark side will have its say. The question is, will it have the last word?


We have in Moore's work what the great Hebrew scholars possess, the text accompanied by surrounding targum and wisdom from dated sages of the faith. A wholly profitable book for those who are seeking wisdom from the deepest shafts of the genuine human experience. Moore gives us what the Teacher gave his generation: a broken heart with an open mind. He is able to mine the richness of Qoheleth's mind and heart to expose the frailty and folly of humanity before God. For what was true in ancient Israel is likewise the same in our postmodern culture, and Moore deftly pleads for the sanctity of that simple message not to go unguarded.

This is a book for every high school senior heading off to college, for every young adult transitioning into the workforce, and for every man and woman who feels the pangs of midlife crisis's onslaught. Qoheleth's genuine appeal to remember God "all your days" is passed on with the same cry of compassion by Moore "so that your days may prosper and go well for you." It is a book for all peoples in all times in all ages; the scorching starkness of this simple message will continue to galvanize the hearts of the lost if its appeal is heeded.

—David S. Castle, principal of Annapolis Area Christian School (formely Bible Department chairman, The Stony Brook School)

T. M. Moore has given us the opportunity to look deeply and practically into the book of Ecclesiastes. Those who follow his careful analysis will find a rich treasure of wisdom for every day of their lives.
—Dr. Richard Pratt, Reformed Theological Seminary

Never has the study of Ecclesiastes been more timely than in our day. With the conflict of worldviews intensifying daily, people are looking for the kind of insights and answers the ancient sage provided in this compact book. T. M. Moore has rendered a valuable service to seekers from every walk of life by helping us to grasp the message of Solomon's often difficult meditations in new and challenging ways. I welcome this book with enthusiasm and recommend its reading and study to all who want to find the true meaning of life under the heavens.
—Charles Colson

T.M. Moore's fresh translation of Ecclesiates holds up a mirror to the soul of a generation that has 'been there, done that.' This mirror reveals the eternity that is in every human heart and masterfully points a way for postmodern wanderers to find their true home in God. Every local church would benefit by offering a study course on 'Vanity Fare!'
—Cheryl Bridges Johns, professor of discipleship and Christian formation, Church of God School of Theology (Cleveland, Tennessee)

Biblical studies so rarely produces something totally new that when it does happen, it's a revelation. T. M. Moore, the former president of Chesapeake Theological Seminary, gamely takes on the curmudgeonly Qoheleth in Ecclesiastes: Ancient Wisdom When All Else Fails: A New Translation and Paraphrase. He retranslates Ecclesiastes into rhymed iambic pentameter, creating some fascinating turns of phrase amidst Qoholeth's legendary musings. Amazingly, InterVarsity Press rescued this creative, unique manuscript from its slush pile. Kudos to all involved.
—Publishers Weekly (April 9, 2001)


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About the Author

T. M. Moore is former president of Chesapeake Theological Seminary in Baltimore. Currently a writer, he also consults for Prison Fellowship, Reformed Theological Seminary and Scripture Union. He is the author of many books and study guides, including Celtic Flame: The Burden of Patrick and, with D. James Kennedy, Chain Reaction. He and his wife, Susie, have four adult children and live in Philippi, West Virginia.

Table of Contents

Chasing the Wind - Ecclesiastes 116
Hating Life - Ecclesiastes 222
Eternity in Our Hearts - Ecclesiastes 330
No One to Comfort Them - Ecclesiastes 436
Honest to God - Ecclesiastes 542
Full Lives, Empty Souls - Ecclesiastes 648
Going to Extremes - Ecclesiastes 752
Civic Wisdom - Ecclesiastes 858
Alive (At Least) - Ecclesiastes 964
The Blessings of Common Sense - Ecclesiastes 1070
Make the Most of It--While You Can - Ecclesiastes 1176
The Whole of a Person - Ecclesiastes 1280
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