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Eschatology, Messianism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Edited by Craig A Evans and Peter W Flint

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Format: Paperback, 176pp.
ISBN: 0802842305
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Pub. Date: September 1997

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From The Publisher:

Meeting a need for quality English-language resources on the Dead Sea Scrolls, this new series makes available to readers at all levels the best of current Dead Sea Scrolls research, showing how the scrolls impact our understanding of the Bible, Judaism, and Christianity.

The New Testament is of prime importance for understanding early Jewish and Christian messianism and eschatology. Yet often the New Testament presumes a background and context of belief without fully articulating it. Early Jewish and Christian messianism and eschatology, after all, did not emerge in a vacuum; they developed out of early Jewish hopes that had their roots in the Old Testament. A knowledge of early Jewish literature, and especially of the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran, is essential for understanding the shape of these ideas at the turn of the era.

In Eschatology, Messianism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Craig A Evans and Peter W Flint have assembled eight essays from outstanding scholars who address the issue from a variety of angles. After an introduction by the editors, successive essays deal with the Old Testament foundations of messianism; the figure of Daniel at Qumran; the Teacher of Righteousness; the expectation of the end in the Scrolls; and Jesus, Paul, and John seen in light of Qumran. These essays originated at a conference for a lay audience and retain much of the popular appeal they had when first delivered. The usefulness of the volume as a resource for students, pastors, and interested laypeople is enhanced by a select bibliography and indexes.


A valuable and stimulating piece of work.
—Bibliotheca Orientalis

Both the series and the institute promise to make valuable contributions to scholarship.
—Catholic Biblical Quarterly

This superb volume inaugurates a new series aimed at "readers of all levels." Based on this collection, well conceived and well edited by two faculty members at Trinity Western University, the series is off to an exceptionally auspicious beginning. Each of the eight authors...makes a sincere, honest, and almost always successful attempt to bridge the gap between specialist and general readers, and everyone else in between.... Whether readers choose to read the articles in order or sample them at various times, they will be richly rewarded with new insights into how the Dead Sea Scrolls, judiciously interpreted, increase our understanding of "end of the world" expectations and speculations in conjunction with, as well as independent of, Messianic figure(s). Warmly and unhesitatingly recommended for interested readers, and their libraries, at all levels.


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About the Author

Craig A. Evans is Professor of New Testament and Director of the Graduate Program in Biblical Studies at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Peter W. Flint is Associate professor of biblical studies and codirector of the Dead Sea Scrolls Institute at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Table of Contents

Craig A Evans and Peter W Flint
Moses' Birth Story: A Biblical Matrix for Prophetic Messianism
Paul E Hughes
The Redeeming King: Psalm 72's Contribution to the Messianic Ideal
Craig C Broyles
The Daniel Tradition at Qumran
Peter W Flint
Who Ascended to Heaven? 4Q491, 4Q427 and the Teacher of Righteousness
Martin G Abegg, Jr.
The Expectation of the End in the Dead Sea Scrolls
John J Collins
Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran Cave 4
Craig A Evans
Throne-Chariot Mysticism in Qumran and in Paul
James M Scott
"And When That One Come.": Aspects of Johannine Messianism
Dietmar Neufeld

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