History Of Jerusalem

63 BCE — 324 CE/AD

The Roman Period

General Pompey captures Jerusalem for Rome
Hasmonean rules continues but under the protection of Rome
Rome appoints Herod King of Judea
40-AD 4
Reign of Herod the Great
King Herod the Great captures Jerusalem
Preparation of stones for the rebuilding of the Temple
Herod starts actual rebuilding of the Temple
Although not complete until AD63, Temple is dedicated
About 5/4
John the Baptist, Jesus of Nazareth born (year approximate)
Herod the Great dies (in the autumn, before the
Passover of 3BCE)


New Testament Period under Roman rule —
First Century AD

Pontius Pilate, Roman procurator of Judea for 10 years

The ministry of Jesus
27 October
John the Baptist baptizes Jesus in the first month of the
former's ministry
27 October - November
Jesus fasts 40 days in the wilderness — Confronts Satan
27 December
Jesus goes to Galilee, calls first disciples, performs first
miracle at the wedding in Cana
28 Spring
First Passover of Jesus' ministry. First major exposition of the
New Testament doctrine of being born again (John 2.13-25)
28 Spring-Summer
Jesus calls additional disciples in Judea
28 Autumn
Herod imprisons John the Baptist. Pharisees discover that Jesus
has more disciples than John (John 4.1-3)
28 December
Jesus goes to Samaria, four months before next spring harvest
(John 4.35)
28 December
Jesus returns to Galilee; preaches the gospel in the synagogues
after John's imprisonment – 14 months after John
had baptized him (Luke 4.16-21)
29 Spring
Second Passover — Jesus, two weeks after the Passover, goes
through the grain fields (Luke 6.1-2)
29 Spring
Jesus selects 12 disciples and designates them apostles
(Mark 3.13-19; Luke 6.12-13)
Jesus explains the terms of the New Covenant in the
Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5.1ff; Luke 6.17-49)
29 Autumn
After the fall Festivals, Jesus returns to Galilee from Jerusalem.
He expounds the kingdom of God with the first series of
parables (John 5.1; Luke 8.1ff)
29 Autumn
Jesus sends out the 12 apostles to preach (Luke 9.1-6)
29 Autumn
Herod has John the Baptist beheaded after about one year in
prison (Luke 9.7-9)
30 Winter - Spring
Jesus feeds the 5000 (Mark 6.39-44)
30 Spring
After the third Passover, Jesus goes tot he Jews that are settled
in Gentile areas (Phoenicia and the Decapolis) (John 6.4)
30 Autumn
Jesus goes up to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles
(John 7.37-39)
30 Autumn
Jesus returns to Galilee and teaches disciples how to pray
(Like 11.1-4)
30 December
Jesus returns to Jerusalem for the Feast of Dedication
(Hanukkah) (John 10.22)
30 December
Jesus withdraws to Perea, east of the Jordan river (John 10.40)
31 Winter
Jesus journeys to the wilderness area of Ephraim (John 11.54)
31 Spring
Jesus returns to Bethany and enters Jerusalem in triumphal
procession (John 12.1, 12-16)
31 April
Jesus institutes the New Covenant on the night he was betrayed;
crucified on 14 Nisan (April 25): Fourth Passover of Jesus'
ministry. (John 13.1; Luke 27.7ff)
31 April 25 / Nisan 14
Crucifixion of Jesus

Agrippa, king of Judea, builds new city wall (The "Third Wall").
Death of Herod Agrippa
Council at Jerusalem (Acts 15.1ff)
Paul's first journey
Paul's arrest in Jerusalem, last visit—imprisoned in
Caesarea—writes Romans(Acts 21.15ff; Romans 15.25-28)
Paul's shipwreck and voyage to Rome (Acts 26.32; 27.1ff)
Porcius Festus succeeds Felix as governor.
Paul writes Prison Epistles
Paul released — begins journeys in East and West
James the Just dies
Temple completed
Death of Paul by beheading in Rome under Nero
The Great Revolt - The War of the Jews
against the Romans
Fall of Jerusalem and destruction of the Second
Temple by Titus
Fall of Masada
Apostle John writes Revelation
Death of John

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